Our Animals

We have many animals here, including:

Large Animals

Dexter Cows  – Luna, Solar, Diesel, Star

Ponies – Chantilly (Tilly) and Fairy-tale (Fairy)

Kune Kune Pigs – Pepper and Primrose

Sheep – Baby Boy, Darcy, Willow, Treacle, Cupcake, Daisy, Francis and Alice

Goats – Doris, Mable, Nancy, Timmy and Barry

Small Animals

Guinea Pigs and Rabbits



Kevin the Tortoise

Poultry and birds in the aviary 

The poultry include turkeys, chickens, ducks – and watch out for the geese and Manic the Muscovy Duck! Our aviary houses cockatiels, various finches, budgerigars and quail – and we sell a variety of our own organic eggs in the shop.

We incubate our own eggs at various points throughout the year. You can watch our chicks or ducklings hatch and they then go on to live here at the farm. We can also offer this service to schools and nurseries who wish to incubate their own eggs. The farm has a calendar of additional seasonal activities – watching animals being born, lamb feeding, sheep shearing and naming new arrivals.

The barn is often very full as animals are donated to us and, if possible, we try and find them new homes. We also offer a rabbit and guinea pig boarding service – looking after your lovely pets whilst you are on holiday. They will have their own hutch, food and water while they stay with us and they will be regularly health checked. This service is £3.00 per day, please enquire for more information.

We accept donations within the barn to help us feed and care for the large number of animals. These funds also help us to continue to offer the education we provide and maintain the facilities for the public who visit the farm.

The barn also offers services such as nail clipping and general advice for those who have small animals as pets so please feel free to contact us and ask if you need too.