Placements and Volunteering

The farm has been running since 1979, there have been many developments to both the site and philosophy of the farm over the years. In summary the farm provides a service to people who live in the City of Nottingham and is open to the public, there is no entry charge. We also offer an education service to schools and colleges.

The core of our work is completed by the valuable volunteers who attend each week. In addition to this we support adults with disabilities who also attend the farm for one or more days a week and help with the work, but they require support from Supervisors/Team Leaders/Support Volunteers. There is a fee for this service.

Volunteers and Clients are at the heart of everything that we do here. We aim to offer real work experience to people who are excluded from paid work due to a learning or physical disability or difficulty. We also offer experience to individuals who may have been unable to work due to mental health problems or addictions.

By opening up opportunities to work on the farm, volunteers and clients learn how to get on with others in a group situation, take on tasks for themselves and to support or be supported by others depending on ability.

We have new Activity & Social Sessions on Wednesdays and Thursdays as part of our Farm Calm project.

Here is a full list of the placements and volunteering programmes that are available here at the farm:

Supported Placement Programme

Work Placement

Trainee Placement

Team Leaders

Support Volunteers

Volunteer Placement

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