Volunteer Placement

This opportunity is for those who simply have interest to help out at the farm for one or two days a week in an area of their choice, i.e. gardening. They aren’t necessarily looking for any particular training or to support others, but to advance their personal skills whilst helping the staff with the day to day tasks on the farm which are outlined below. Sometimes these volunteers may decide at a later date that they wish to alter their role to a Support Volunteer or Team Leader.

Events and Activities Tasks

This entails working with the staff and other volunteers to plan and execute events and activities for our visitors. Days such as Teddy Bear’s Picnic, Pirate Day and Halloween are examples of events that we will usually do something for. There will be plenty of meetings, researching, sourcing of materials, setting-up and taking down of decorations, as well as being involved with the children and their families on the day.

Barn Tasks and Activities

This entails carrying out tasks in the barn and paddocks to ensure the care and wellbeing of the animals. Tasks include taking the animals to and from the paddocks in the morning and at the end of the day, mucking out their pens, feeding and watering them, grooming and helping to keep them fit and healthy and any other jobs that need to be done in the barn.

Garden Tasks and Activities

This entails working in the garden areas undertaking general gardening, digging, planting, potting, maintenance, path laying, fencing, composting and any other work required at the time of your placement. It will also involve the use of hand tools.

Café Tasks and Activities

This entails customer care and general café duties, serving refreshments and food, ensuring that the kitchen areas are clean at all times. Cleaning tables and seating areas after use ready for next customer. Loading and unloading the dishwasher/washing machine helping with the preparation of food, handling money and using the till.

Retail Tasks and Activities

This involves serving customers, handling money and using the till in our Trading Post, ensuring that the shelves and general shop area is clean, tidy and presentable to customers. Bagging up animal food for sale in the shop and ensuring the displays are pleasing. The shop also has an outside area where plants are on display for sale and the duties include ensuring that these plants are cared for. If the weather is good we also have animal handling outside the shop area and you may be

asked to participate in helping with this if you are confident with small animals.

Office Tasks and Activities

This involves meeting and greeting visitors and dealing with enquiries and general reception duties. Office duties where appropriate, i.e. typing, creating posters or flyers. The main duty will be to answer the telephone and direct calls to relevant persons and deal with enquiries.

Cleaning Tasks and Activities

The duties include cleaning, sweeping and mopping public areas including inside and outside windows in the education room and Volunteer room and café if required.

Maintenance Tasks and Activities

General maintenance of the public areas, outside areas including garden, paddocks, barn etc.

General Information

All tools will be supplied by the farm. You are required to provide your own footwear, strong shoes or Wellingtons (not trainers) are advisable if you are in the Garden or Barn areas. Please wear old clothes if working in the barn/garden areas as you are likely to get quite dirty. Please do not bring any valuables to the farm as it is an open site and security cannot be guaranteed. If you need to carry any money or other valuables please ensure that you have clothes where you can secure them safely i.e. zipped pockets. Lockers are available for personal use, a refundable deposit of £2.50 is required to cover the cost of replacing the key should it be lost.

We expect all people to accept and value what others contribute to the farm and in return they can expect their own contributions to be equally valued.

You are advised to make sure your tetanus and hepatitis B injections are up to date.  Ask your doctor about this.  If you are asked to pay ask your supervisor for a letter to explain why you need the injections.

The Farm is open daily throughout the year, 10am –4pm in Summer and 10am – 3pm in Winter (Fridays 11am – 3pm). Tasks and Activitiess work within these hours depending on their transport arrangements, area of work and days of placement.

If you are interested in being a volunteer here at the Farm please get in touch at volunteering@stonebridgecityfarm.com or 0115 950 5113.

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