Wildlife on the farm

Here at the farm, we are proud to encourage nature to flourish, from butterflies and lots of other insects, to various birds, frogs and even foxes at times.

Here are just some of the past wildlife features that we have had here on the farm :

We will also be updating this page with more wildlife sightings, so watch this space! You may even come and see the various wildlife for yourself at the farm…

Wildlife of 2013

Big Garden Birdwatch 2013

We had David Goodwin from the RSPB giving our visitors a tour of our gardens, looking out for classic British songbirds. We saw a variety of species that day, including blue tits, great tits, long-tailed tits, various finches, including a bullfinch, rooks, a robin and a couple of collared doves.

The wildlife in 2012


A beautiful damselfly on our lavendar, picture taken by Ben Smith, one of our volunteers.

 Birds on the Farm for March 2012


New Season, even more new birds!


Birds on the Farm, February 2012


Various songbirds are finding abundant food in the snow!



In January we had a flock of Waxwings visit us at the farm, and they stayed in the area until the end of March!

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Click here for a video and more photos!

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