The Gardens


Local Food Project
With help from the Big Lottery Local Food Project we have developed a garden which is beautiful, productive and full of wildlife.

Visitors are inspired to grow their own food and even produce their own eggs and honey, can get advice and support from our garden workers and futher choose from a wide variety of kitchen garden plants and seedlings, grown for sale in our open polytunnels.

The Farm gardens are an excellent demonstration of how to maintain an area for food production and wildlife whilst still being beautiful and relaxing.

5592247483_5271ac67b5_oPesticides are not used apart from the occasional scattering of slug pellets in the polytunnels (in order to give the seedlings a chance).

Vegetable and fruit areas are broken up with patches of wild plants and ponds and flowers are interspersed with food plants in order to confuse pests and provide forage and shelter for predators such as hoverflies species which have nectar sucking adults and carnivorous larvae.

A major growth area in the garden is the production of high quality vegetable, herb and fruit plantlets which are for sale as part of the Big Lottery Local Food Scheme through our shop.

All of our produce is for sale and we use much of it in our café. Plants and produce can also be found in our shop.

We also have a number of bee hives, producing honey which is sold in our shop.

Buy your manure at Stonebridge city farm

We have high quality manure for sale at Stonebridge cityfarm. Our well rotted manure is produced on site from animal waste (chicken, goat, pig, horse and cow). You can bring and fill your own bag for £1.50, or have the bag filled for you by one of our gardeners for £3.

You can also get more involved with our gardens and we can help you get started with gardens of your own, please visit Green Street  to find out more.


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