At present we have several large animals, including two Dexter cows, Luna and Solar. We have three Ponies; Billy the Shetland and Tilly and Fairy, who are Section A Ponies. We also have four Goats; Timmy and Barry the Angora’s, Iris the Anglo-Nubian and Sally the Golden Guernsey. We also have four ewes, Treacle and Cupcake, who are Jacobs and Rosie and Venus who are Jacobs’s crosses. There are also two Kune Kune pigs named Pepper and Primrose.

Kev the tortoise also lives in the barn and can be found in his outdoor enclosure during the warm summer months. There are two terrapins which can also be seen swimming in their indoor pool.
In addition we have a variety of rabbits and guinea-pigs, including a large super group of female rabbits named after flowers. A range of poultry can also be found in the paddocks which houses chickens, geese, ducks and turkeys. Outside, in our aviary (donated by Mr and Mrs Goodfellow in fond memory of their son Richard who used to work at the farm), we have cockatiels, finches and budgerigars. We are hoping to get some more Quail in the spring!

You can see we have a full house and we would very much like to develop and improve our facilities for the animals and build on our education and training.

Here at the farm, we also breed a number of different animals and accept donations from the general public, so please feel free to preview our new arrivals before your visit.

See more photos of our animals on Facebook page.


New Animals

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