Stonebridge City Farm is a charity that uses the unique farm environment to create a positive impact on the lives of some of the most vulnerable people in society and in an area of deprivation.  Although the farm has successfully adapted to create revenue streams from products and services we provide, as grant funding disappears, this transition has been challenging. It costs over £280,000 a year to keep the farm open and so more support is needed in this time of increasing financial pressure. So therefore, the farm is looking for new partners to support our work and develop lasting links with communities and corporate responsibilities.

What you can sponsor at the farm:

Paddock (home to goats, sheep, cows, ponies), Aviary (including budgerigars, quail, cockatiels, parakeet) or Animal feed for a year. For further details, please contact us at the farm.

What we can offer in return:

A sign in either the paddock or aviary that you have sponsored with you company name and logo.


Team Challenges

The farm environment isn’t just beneficial for volunteers and the public, if your company would like to sponsor the farm, your staff can come to our farm and lend a hand with various tasks and projects. These organised and structured visits are where your staff can get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air, get involved with the farm and develop and extend existing company relationships, ultimately helping them work better together.

If your company is interested in arranging a day where your staff can join us to improve teamworking skills in the beautiful surroundings of the farm, please contact us on the phone 9505113 or email us at info@stonebridgecityfarm.com.

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