Essential Visitor Guidelines

At Stonebridge City Farm, we are aware and conscientious of the health and well-being of everyone who visits the farm.

We would like you to be aware and responsible for your own Health & Safety when you are visiting our farm, and would advise all our visitors to read these important guidelines before any visits, especially if you intend on bringing children with you.

Before your visit, make sure that everyone:

  • Is aware of our Health & Safety Guidelines
  • Does not bring dogs onto the Farm
  • Is dressed appropriately for the trip

During and after the visit, make sure that everyone:

• Are reminded of the rules/precautions to take upon arrival at the site.

• Do not kiss animals.

• Always wash hands thoroughly before and after eating, after any contact with animals and again before leaving the site.

• Eat only food that you have brought with you or food for human consumption that you have bought on the premises, in designated areas.

• Never eat food that has fallen to the ground.

• Never taste animal foods.

• Do not suck fingers or put hands, pens, pencils or crayons etc. in mouths.

• Where practical and possible, clean or change footwear before leaving.

• Wash hands after changing footwear.

Please ensure that everyone in your group will:

• Do not use or pick up tools (e.g. spades and forks) or touch other work equipment unless permitted to do so by site staff .

• Do not climb on to walls, fences, gates or animal pens etc.

• Listen carefully and follow the instructions and information given by the site staff .

• Approach and handle animals quietly and gently.

• Do not chase, frighten or torment the animals.

• Do not wander off into unsupervised or prohibited areas e.g. manure heaps.

Remember the children are your responsibility during the visit:

  • You should supervise them during the visit, especially during hand washing to make sure that each child washes thoroughly. Site staff may be able to help with this supervision.
  • Allow plenty of time for hand washing before eating or leaving the site so that the children do not have to rush.
  • If anyone shows signs of illness (e.g. sickness or diarrhoea) after a visit, advise them or their parent/guardian to visit the doctor and explain that they have had recent contact with animals. Please also contact and inform us of the illness.


Key points to cover with the children should include:

– explaining the rules for the visit, stressing that they must not eat, drink or chew anything (including sweets) outside the areas in which you permit them to do so;

– explaining why they must wash their hands thoroughly after contact with the animals, and before eating or drinking anything;

– demonstrating how to wash their hands properly;

– discussing the requirements for appropriate clothing, including suitable footwear.

– checking that cuts, grazes etc on children’s hands are covered with a waterproof dressing.

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