About Us

Stonebridge City Farm is a city farm in St. Ann’s, Nottingham. We look after a range of animals, large and small and grow seasonal vegetables and herbs. We also have a playground, café and shop.

The farm is open seven days a week to visitors who can enjoy a ‘small slice of the countryside in the heart of the city’. We do not charge an entrance fee in order to remain accessible to everyone – although we do encourage donations to help us run the farm.

Stonebridge City Farm is a:

We are also a registered charity supporting people from Nottingham, many of whom have a learning disability or a high support mental health difficulty.

The farm was started by local residents nearly forty years ago and, respecting our heritage, we still aim to be an active and useful part of the community for the benefit of people in Nottingham. Read about our history.

Our Three Goals

Empowering the Disadvantaged

With over 100 volunteers on site per week, we aim to break down the barriers holding people back – increase motivation and self-esteem, build confidence and skills to enable individuals to better engage with the community and the world around them.

Protecting the Environment

We aim to model good practice by integrating energy conservation, recycling and organic practices that are an integral part of the farm and the cornerstones in our training. We encourage all visitors to safeguard our local environment and the planet as a whole.

Developing the Local Community

We offer a safe and peaceful haven, opportunities to learn about animal husbandry, horticulture, catering and the environment whilst fostering cohesion and interaction between the diverse groups that make up our community.

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